Monday, June 19, 2006


Here I am at 0143 and I just got off the phone with Johnny. He has been hard at work trying to get a black bear this spring. We have been checking the bait stand him and Willy have put up alot. Johnny even got a camera to try and see who is hitting the stand but the thing was not taking pics. Needless to say we are all geting excited to see how big these bears are. Well as I sit home like a nervous mom waiting to hear how her kid is doing at whatever event has taken them from her Im waiting for a his call to check in. Anywhos the call I just got Johnny told me how he fell asleep aroun 2300 to only wake up to a big 6ft black walking away from his stand. DAMN! After he left a "brownish" bear came in to hit the bait and noticed Johnny in the tree stand. Now our trees are only about 9 or so inches around. The bear walked right over to him and I guess scared him a bit. But as he was talking to me he was watching this bear he thought might be a grizz. But without the Grizz hump its a
Cinnamon!!!! Well I told Johnny I loved him and the next call I should be getting is him screaming with excitement about gettin his first bear!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

You Okay?

Well summer is in full swing! Johnny and I have just got back from a nice couple of days at my cabin. The boat looks great and we had a ton of food not to mention great views of the lake, swans, beavers tons of fish and watching Rebel try and catch them the whole time we all were out there. We have also been riding and Johnny is only one more fall away from becoming a "real horse person." As Dusty dumped him and then decided to cross the Hwy to come to me. But Johnny was fine just his pride was hurt as the people on the Hwy saw the whole thing and were even nice enough to stop and let Dusty come across the road. Anywhos all is well.