Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Big Bear!!

Well just another day on the island looking for bears. Spotted a few but nothing big while out today in the boat. When docking back onshore Johnny spotted a big bear right in camp!! After looking at the bear and tracks Fred said it to be a world class bear and the chase was on. Over the river and threw the woods ~ well not really but the chase was going on until the sun sets as it does in Alaska and it was dark. The boys made there way back to camp for a dinner of goat burgers and beans. You could tell that Johnny was all pumped from the bear experience but he is even more so now chomping at the bit. So it shouldn't be long before if the luck holds out that I get that over excited 4 year old on the phone trying to get the words out about his bear!

Impatient One Are We?

Another warm, lil wind day on the island as so I am told. Today Johnny and Fred saw a big bear and took the stalk just to get up on it and find out it was a big sow. Bummer! Today makes one week that he has been there and Johnny is getting a little impatient. Fred told him he needs to "RELAX" this is a once in a lifetime thing, and with a week left to just "BREATH!" He also saw a nice 8 point buck but decided to get a bear then play with the deer. All seems well and he is looking forward to tomorrow it is supposed to be another clear day with lil or no wind.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

de dede deedee ~~ Johnny Update

Alrighty then I spoke to Johnny late Friday night he was getting ready to have dinner with Fred and Lucky. All had been going great and he said it has be pretty hard for Fred to talk him out of the bears they keep seeing. I also spoke to him this morning. (Nothing like a wake-up call from someone ya love) The phone was pretty broken up but the weather has been great he has been wearing T-shirts and enjoyin everything. He is hoping to get a deer today and then they might sit and hunt the gut pile. He has been there 5 days now able to hunt for 4 and its driving him crazy that Fred hasn't giving him the go ahead on a bear yet. Fred told him that he just needs to relax and the next good one he spots they will try and get up on. Sounds like he is having a blast he assured me that he is taking lots of pics and all is well. ~~ Other than that not much is new on the home front moved the Chick-Chicks into my grandpas garage until I can finish framing a wall and insulating there winter home. That was a fun event moving 2 roosters, 3 hens and 2 turkeys. One of our barred rocks was MIA for the first evening. Lucky enough we had a fresh snow and I followed her tracks to our hay barn where she had squeezed in between the very top hay bale and roof. She was not to happy about leaving the 47 eggs she had up there!! She was sitting on about 26 of them and the other nest was froze and cracked up but all is well we are now getting 4 fresh eggs a day.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Far So Good

I just got off the phone with Johnny and all is well so far. It rained the first day and has been a bit windy in the days since then. But thats what we had expected. He has seen lots and lots of deer, but none "that are as big as yours" and he is going to shoot one today anywhos. We are allowed six down there each year. So since we are low on the one from South Carolina he can bring some back! There is one other guide and person on the island but they are only there for deer and told Fred (Johnny's guide) about a bear they had seen the last few days. After lookin at it Fred told Johnny that "its a bear id let you take on the 14th day" he was a young bear about 3 or 4 years. Johnny said that Freds camp is great a huge wall tent, comfy bed and that he has never been so taken care off. Fred also got a kick out of my sweatshirt I packed for Johnny. It used to say " Alaska girls kick ass" and I used electrical tape and changed it to "My Alaskan girl kicks ass" just for a laugh when his gear was packed. So far so good.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Here we go!

Well at 0530 Johnny called to make sure I was us as he was heading from the station to pick me up for our 100 mile trip the the airport. With the new snow only 3 days old the roads are super slick but we made it fine. Didnt have any troubles gettin his gear or my rifle checked in and he was off. At 1434 Johnny called from Kodiak after being picked up by Fred and his dog Lucky. Its all just a waiting game now! I think I am just as excited as he is I know I will be getting very little sleep for the till I get the next update. He will be flying into Fred's camp today and he will not be able to hunt untill 0300 tomorrow. I cant wait to hear his voice when I get the call about his bear. Talk about a lucky guy its his 1st guided hunt, 1st time to Kodiak, and his very very 1st bear!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

We got a baby!

October 7th a little brown and black cria walking along with his momma Angel. Johnny got to name the lil guy Kodiak since he will be heading down to Kodiak for his brown bear hunt soon. Kodiak is weighing in at a whole 10 lbs.