Monday, November 10, 2008

Chuck Liddell!

Well the whole crew got to go to an USO show today and I got to meet Chuck Liddell!! How kick ass is that?! He even took a few pics with the group and signed a bunch of things. There were also two kick ass comedians and the YingYang twins and some model chick. I will have more pictures later but here is one of the entire group.

Friday, November 07, 2008

10-15-08, 10-16-08 & 10-17-08


Awoke sore, bruised, still bleeding and most likely broken. I'm beat the fuck up! The boys made eggs and pancakes, then hauled and split wood before heading out around 0930. The wind is howling and the rain is coming down. I didn't like them going but we needed to get back to the bull. When the wind slowed the fog rolled in so bad I couldn't see across the lake much less even to the edge of it from the cabin. I dint like not being able to watch them but I am sure they are fine. 1500 and the boys are back they couldn't get to the bull. The visibility was so bad they couldn't see three feet ahead of them... After a hot meal we all headed to the beach and Jason spotted whales!!! Wish we would have had the spotting scope adapter like I wanted for my camera, it would have been some great pics! Played cards and called it a day kn owning we had a hard day coming


I admit I did not want to get up this morning. Jason and Johnny were up and talking in the dim light of the fire, their calm voices did nothing but get my nerves going. I know they both were going over the days plan in their heads but showed no sign of the nerves they had to have. The light was hardly peaking in the window of our cabin as I pulled myself out of bed even more sore and bruised as I started packing Johnny's pack. Knives x3, sharpener, spot, saw, rope, gps, water, jacket, hat and game bags. Jason headed off to skirt the lake and watch Johnny after we was out of my view on the lake. The weather could be worse but I wish it was better. The wind is blowing right at us, rain coming softly down, fog thick on the mtn, and white caps on the lake....

And guess who is taking the lil Coleman raft across to the very back of the lake? Yeppers Johnny. At this moment I am more than mad and a bit in awe of Jack and Jane for raising such and adventurist, courage filled, determined, stubborn ass of a man. He knows he has to make it today we are out of time, and even though he wont say it he wants back up that mtn... He and it are tied 1-1 and he is bound and determined he is going to win....he is such a damn goat.

So off he goes with a hug, kiss and I love you out on the lake. I bite my lip and did a good job of holding back my tears till he was to far on the lake to see them. I ran in and grabbed a blanket and chair and watched him fight his way across the lake and around the point till I couldn't see him. I always ask my dad to watch over Johnny any time he goes out but damn Johnny is making it hard on him today.

So back inside I head not even noticing how cold I was watching him go until I read the warmth of the fire. Now his is under Jason's watchful eye and I have to wait. I am not good person to have to wait for things....grrrr..... It is now 1025 and the white caps are gone, the fob is thinning let s hope it just gets better. I'm off to start packing....go me!

Well Jason's back and he joins in the effort of packing all our shit. I will admit we became quite settled in this cabin. He said Johnny had it easy once he got ot the other side there was no wind hitting him. So up the mtn Johnny is going to make a few trips up and then down to just repeat the game again to get more meat out.

Well Johnny is back and its 1730ish. More game bags to hang and cloths to dry. Jason and I have just about everything packed and Jason even hauled more wood for the cabin. Its sad our last dinner here tonight. We went to the beach for another great sunset and to call everyone. Anderw's Air said we are all set for the pick up in the morning and we all just chilled then headed back to the cabin. When we returned we decided to go back and get some black sand for the boys and for walkers cage. So back to the beach we went. I got some great pics of Johnny and Jason and we all talked of how we will return to this place again. Back in the cabin again for cards, cheese and crackers and chips.... We ate like we were starving! But we did keep food till we know for sure the plane is coming to get us..


Awoke to an amazingly calm clear day. We ate a great breakfast and then hauled all our shit to the lake. Its the coldest it has been so far the rocks on the edge of the lake are even froze together. We walk to the beach and make a last min call to make sure they are flying. Afterwards we fed the otters and seagulls the rest of our food and just chilled waiting on the plane. The boys skipped rocks and tested eye dominance as the chill was just starting to set in and we began to walk to the cabin the plane arrived. Off to load all the stuff we are taking home. Then to the airport and going home. Its gonna be long damn day its only 0845 and we dont get home till 1945 into Fairbanks so home around 2130. Our first showers and soft beds in a 8 days! Whooo hoo here we come!!!