Monday, September 04, 2006

Quartz Lake Pics


Okay well the PBR was here Sept 1-3 and you all know I was not going to miss this! Johnny and I had great seats, front row, we could have touched the bulls if we had wanted to! What can I say Cowboys, Bulls and Johnny I was a happy girl! Anywhos I got to meet some cowboys I have watched for a long time! Mike Lee PBR World Champion, Tater Porter who liked my hat *HUGE SMILE* I was even speachless when he told me that a friend had to translate the studders into a thank you for me. Also we had a cowboy mounted shoot that happend midway during the bull riding and the Delta girl of course took it for the womens side ;) We went to the after party with our good friends Brent, Chad, Chuck, Crouch, Dani and Joe. Had a great time, sorry for not alot of pics ill try and get some from the other ppls cameras. Fall is here and in full swing Hunting Seasone here we come!!

PBR Pics

PBR World Champion ~ Mike Lee and me

~~Luke Snyder

~ Tater Porter

Kaylie Thomas and Dixie competed in the mounted shooting