Friday, December 05, 2008

A few pics of Jason

I got my camera cable and am slowly but surely making all my pictures smaller so I can post them on here.....

So here are a few of Uncle Jason when he was up with us.

Jason & Johnny out by the pipeline. A nice sunny day with temps all of 0 degrees. And don't forget the lovely Delta wind at about 15mph.

Jason wasn't up here for all just fun and games now. As you can see not only did we use him as a pack mule on the trip we used him at home as well. He made a great ranch hand and it sure isn't hard to find a good crew now a days.

By the time Jason left he was handling the temps with no problem at all here it is again at 0 degrees and he is just walking around in a Tshirt and carrharts.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chuck Liddell!

Well the whole crew got to go to an USO show today and I got to meet Chuck Liddell!! How kick ass is that?! He even took a few pics with the group and signed a bunch of things. There were also two kick ass comedians and the YingYang twins and some model chick. I will have more pictures later but here is one of the entire group.

Friday, November 07, 2008

10-15-08, 10-16-08 & 10-17-08


Awoke sore, bruised, still bleeding and most likely broken. I'm beat the fuck up! The boys made eggs and pancakes, then hauled and split wood before heading out around 0930. The wind is howling and the rain is coming down. I didn't like them going but we needed to get back to the bull. When the wind slowed the fog rolled in so bad I couldn't see across the lake much less even to the edge of it from the cabin. I dint like not being able to watch them but I am sure they are fine. 1500 and the boys are back they couldn't get to the bull. The visibility was so bad they couldn't see three feet ahead of them... After a hot meal we all headed to the beach and Jason spotted whales!!! Wish we would have had the spotting scope adapter like I wanted for my camera, it would have been some great pics! Played cards and called it a day kn owning we had a hard day coming


I admit I did not want to get up this morning. Jason and Johnny were up and talking in the dim light of the fire, their calm voices did nothing but get my nerves going. I know they both were going over the days plan in their heads but showed no sign of the nerves they had to have. The light was hardly peaking in the window of our cabin as I pulled myself out of bed even more sore and bruised as I started packing Johnny's pack. Knives x3, sharpener, spot, saw, rope, gps, water, jacket, hat and game bags. Jason headed off to skirt the lake and watch Johnny after we was out of my view on the lake. The weather could be worse but I wish it was better. The wind is blowing right at us, rain coming softly down, fog thick on the mtn, and white caps on the lake....

And guess who is taking the lil Coleman raft across to the very back of the lake? Yeppers Johnny. At this moment I am more than mad and a bit in awe of Jack and Jane for raising such and adventurist, courage filled, determined, stubborn ass of a man. He knows he has to make it today we are out of time, and even though he wont say it he wants back up that mtn... He and it are tied 1-1 and he is bound and determined he is going to win....he is such a damn goat.

So off he goes with a hug, kiss and I love you out on the lake. I bite my lip and did a good job of holding back my tears till he was to far on the lake to see them. I ran in and grabbed a blanket and chair and watched him fight his way across the lake and around the point till I couldn't see him. I always ask my dad to watch over Johnny any time he goes out but damn Johnny is making it hard on him today.

So back inside I head not even noticing how cold I was watching him go until I read the warmth of the fire. Now his is under Jason's watchful eye and I have to wait. I am not good person to have to wait for things....grrrr..... It is now 1025 and the white caps are gone, the fob is thinning let s hope it just gets better. I'm off to start packing....go me!

Well Jason's back and he joins in the effort of packing all our shit. I will admit we became quite settled in this cabin. He said Johnny had it easy once he got ot the other side there was no wind hitting him. So up the mtn Johnny is going to make a few trips up and then down to just repeat the game again to get more meat out.

Well Johnny is back and its 1730ish. More game bags to hang and cloths to dry. Jason and I have just about everything packed and Jason even hauled more wood for the cabin. Its sad our last dinner here tonight. We went to the beach for another great sunset and to call everyone. Anderw's Air said we are all set for the pick up in the morning and we all just chilled then headed back to the cabin. When we returned we decided to go back and get some black sand for the boys and for walkers cage. So back to the beach we went. I got some great pics of Johnny and Jason and we all talked of how we will return to this place again. Back in the cabin again for cards, cheese and crackers and chips.... We ate like we were starving! But we did keep food till we know for sure the plane is coming to get us..


Awoke to an amazingly calm clear day. We ate a great breakfast and then hauled all our shit to the lake. Its the coldest it has been so far the rocks on the edge of the lake are even froze together. We walk to the beach and make a last min call to make sure they are flying. Afterwards we fed the otters and seagulls the rest of our food and just chilled waiting on the plane. The boys skipped rocks and tested eye dominance as the chill was just starting to set in and we began to walk to the cabin the plane arrived. Off to load all the stuff we are taking home. Then to the airport and going home. Its gonna be long damn day its only 0845 and we dont get home till 1945 into Fairbanks so home around 2130. Our first showers and soft beds in a 8 days! Whooo hoo here we come!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


First off I have to say thank you to my brother-n-law and husband. Without them I wouldn't have made it, being 100% honest.

We awoke to an amazing morning and had bacon and eggs. Jason being the spotting fool he is found and deer and an elk to the north-east of the rock slide. While Jason and myself looked at him Johnny was gettin dressed and ready to head out after him. As the elk worked his way down the mtn I caught a glimpse of main beams and eye guards. I turned to tell Johnny and he was dressed and waiting on Jason. I settled in with the spotting scope and a chair as the boys headed out and around the lake.

I kept and eye on the bull watching him graze down the mtn glowing with his bright golden hue of a body and a super dark chocolate brown neck, head and legs. Talk about amazingly beautiful! Making a few quick trips for binos, extra clothing and Jason video camera I watched the bull using his tongue to pick something small of the tall alders that were so tall they were over his back! A quick look at the boys with the binos and the back in the spottin scope and the bull was gone! I'm guessing he bedded down in a small group of three trees.

The boys started up the rock slide, Johnny being his goat-self and running up the mtn with ease...just impressed me to all get out. Jason was going very well also behind Johnny, better than I ever could! Jason stopped where we had talked about but Johnny being Johnny went to the top of the damn mtn! He then ridge lined over to above the group of trees the elk was bedded in. I watched in the spotting scope like it was on t.v. as Johnny told me he was going to hit the hootchi'mama. As he did I watched the elk stand and start walking towards Johnny as he was answering his call. As I watched the bull I spoke out loud " Come one Johnny....Shoot Johnny....Come on baby....TODAY JUNIOR!" Booom a shot ecod...nothing. Boom again...nothing...Booom and he humped up! Booom and he began to roll and I yelled "He's down! You got him!" It was 1140 and my heart was racing as I got on the radio " you got him baby he is down! He is down!" "450 yards, 398 yard shooting distance! I got him baby! I got him!" Johnny replied. I ran and got the sat phone calling the station and Shorty. During this you could hear Johnny yelling making me smile before I then returned to the cabin for the other pack and I started my walk around the lake at 1200hrs.

Jason met me about half way around and headed back to the rock slide with me. That was the start of hell. We started up the mtn 4 times before we found our way to Johnny and continued up the damn mtn. I wont lie I wanted to stop and go back, it was super steep to the point of me crawling on my hands and knees up the mtn. At one point I looked back at Jason...BAD Idea! Way to high and steep for me to be doing that shit!

Johnny and Jason both made it back to the bull and worked as I slowly made my way to them. I had left at 1200hrs and it was now 1600hrs when I got to the bull. I was getting scared that we needed to get our asses down and off this mtn and fast! Darkness was coming and quick! The boys had game bags mostly loaded by the time I go to them. So after I tied the meat to the packs Johnny decided we needed to go "straight" down the mtn. Now Jason and I disagreed with this being we just came up and it was not going to be a fun time.

My knees were already giving out and the majority of the time we all just slid down the mossy steepness of hell someone by cruel fate put in our way. After one "lil drop" as Johnny said Jason caught me and stopped my fall. I will admit this is where I started to become one of my most hated things...a girl. But down we kept going we had no choice. We were lost and couldn't find our trail so after a quick conversation and being that Jason and I were already soaked we were going to head to the water and then skirt the lake. Good plan right?

Well we were all tired and the boys had 100 lbs packs on, the light was fading, and we all wanted to get back to the cabin. All was going fine until the last lil bit of the mtn. Johnny went down and we even got an "O shit" out of him, after he reassured us it was fine Jason went. Then it was my turn... I grabbed a few of the shrubs around me and started the decent... all went bad from there. I started sliding and the ground gave out as I slid right past Jason to the waters edge getting lodged between boulders and a downed tree. I opened my eyes just in time to see the bolt of Johnny's rifle smash into my mouth and the stock into my face. The tree stopped the rifle above my head lodging me even in a more nonhuman pose, lucky for me I'm pretty flexible and I was with two medics! The blood was pouring out of my face, I was stuck and scared and crying like a lil girl.

Jason was right there as I kept saying "please help me" His reassuring words of "I got you babe I got you" in his southern accent really did make me feel safe. Johnny un-assed his pack and go into the lake to help me from the other side of the log. The years of dealing with broken people really made things sorta funny looking back on it. They were both asking the same questions at the same time as they went over every part of my body. The blood was still pouring from my face, I'm talking about lots my shirt was already soaked before Jason even got the rifle off of me. And as for that I felt so bad having hit it and now pouring blood all over it I kept telling Johnny I'm sorry for knocking his scope off. After I got ahold of my whits I looked up at Jason and asked how far I just fell. His response was 12 plus feet. Lucky me right? Now this whole thing took no more than 10-15 mins but with light fading I had no right taking up time on me when we needed to get our asses, mine now hurting like hell going.

We were off again with Jason in the lead and me still pouring blood from my mouth and nose. Its a good thing Jason was 6'2" because he gave both Johnny and I a gage to see how deep the water was. Now this water is 35-40 degrees at best so not a pleasant walk for sure. Now add a heavy loaded pack for the boys and my whinny ass from the fall. It wasn't really all that bad until one downed tree that Jason had to bear hug to get around. His worlds then to us were "its waist deep here careful." "Well Fuck me" was my reply "its gonna be tit deep on me." And that it was. When we finally made it to the rock slide Jason and Johnny were yelling and shouting like they did when Johnny got his elk. We knew we would make it from here.

We got the rest of our shit we had piled there and hauled ass as much as we could into the almost darkness that was in font of us. We all were soaked as we reached the cabin just as we could no longer see who was in front of us. All rapidly stripped our of our water logged clothing and set Jason on starting the fire. Johnny and I then hung the meat, rinsed and hung the packs, and settled in to hear each others view of the day. We all ate warm food the first of the day for all of us since breakfast.

From Jason's view he couldn't see the bull or Johnny so he wondered why Johnny was firing so fast for the first two shots. Then he could hear the twak of the third as I was yelling like crazy. He didn't know if he was getting attacked by a bear or what the hell the deal was then with the fourth shot and my yells getting even louder he knew that was all the shots Johnny had in the Howa and would then have to reload or die....up until Johnny Yelled over my yells and the mnt "YEAH NIGGA AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Jason didn't know he had gotten the bull.

I am so happy, proud and thankful of Johnny, its his first elk, first big kill here in Alaska and his hardest hunt ever. I am also thankful for Jason who came up here and helped on this hunt. Without him I would have never made it up, much less down the mtn without all his help. Johnny also would have never gotten as much meat as we did today without his baby bro. I know I may be boasting but I couldn't have asked for better hunting partners much less husband and brother-n-law. No matter how much I slowed them down, scared or sore I was they kept me going all while making me feel safe.

P.S. Johnny was like a little kid on christmas eve...he was still so excited after he knew we all were safe that I had to threatin bodyly harm to make him go sleep.


Awoke late today and the boys were off to our morning deer spot. I cleaned the cabin and remembered that I forgot to put in yesterdays log that the boys chopped lots of wood and did laundry! Anyways I'm off to fold the laundry that the boys did in just above freezing water. Well the boys are back and we had a nice lunch of Chili and garlic bread. As we were finishing up Jason heard and then saw a plane. As we all ran to the beach we saw it was Alan of fish and feathers, he saved the day by bringing us a lamp! Johnny just had to set it up right away and it worked great! But just like the last time right after Alan took off the weather turned. It was snowing by now but we did head to the beach. We watched a nice group of loons before we headed back to the cabin. It was funny to watch the two of them fall fast asleep snoring and all. All while I played cards and watched the white line on the mtn get closer and closer. One more trip to the beach and we were done for the day besides a few rounds of cards.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Awoke to three otters in the lake and had pancakes and bacon be for the boys headed out to the point we found the first day and saw the deer yesterday. Lucky me I chose to stay behind with the dishes, laundry and this log as well as the cabins...Whooo hoo me right? Tried to call home but couldn't get signal on the sat phone....1130 hrs cabin cleaned, dishes done, soup moved, chili thawing, wood moved, remade bed so that maybe Johnny and I will be more comfy, hot chocolate going I think its time for a nap! Deer stumped us again and the boys returned to hot Jay Miller soup and grilled ham and cheese. Set off to explore east beach to the rock face on the farthest point of he beach. Amazing views, I wish I would have brought my big camera, but shorty's is much lighter and waterproof! Jason found a waterfall that was so pretty I hope the pics come out well. Amazing to see all the trash that has made it into the treeline from the ocean t.v. parts, tons of joy dish soap bottles, plastic bottles, buoys, lighters just tons and tons of trash! Its also crazy to see how the ocean has tossed HUGE trees that I can not even put my arms around 200 yards up the beach into the trees and how boulders have been tossed on top of them. Or how the logs are perfectly round from all the beating on the rocks and the rocks that are stuck into the logs. Johnny being the goat he is just hopping all around all the rocks faces impresses Jason and I. Crazy to see the boys walking among the devils club as its above my head and every now and then above even Jason 6'2" head. Jason says that you better not ever make anyone mad around here or you could get a stalk of it to the face! Trust me it would flat fuck your day up! Even the leaves of the damn plant have thorns! I sure hope we get something soon will be great to see Jason get his first black tail! Had chili for dinner and all was well until I broke the handle to the winder lamp! Good thing I remembered the super glue! O almost forgot after walking on the beach of the lake and not spotting any deer we went to the beach of the ocean for an amazing sunset! Johnny glassed the beach finding Jason's first bear! We watched him as he played and played on one of the many logs among the rocks and beach. Ooofta writing in two logs I forget what I have or have not put in each.


Awoke to hard rain on the roof around 0800 since the light is jow commin in the window. Wind is hauling ass so I think we are going to eat bacon and egs and then go to the beach. Weather is calling for rain and growing winds but I do have my deer killers glassing with none spotted yet. 1100 hrs after some crackers and cheese the deer killers spotted three deer walking right along the beach of the lake where we were yesterday. After Johnny running to the cabin I handed him a rifle and off the boy went. Jason then reciving his and doing the same I grabbed my binos and Jasons camera and headed to the beach to look, after I hid in the trees and taking some bad video I atched the deer till I couldnt see them anymore. I came back and wrote a note to the boys and head to the beach with my rifle got a good seat and sat for 30-40 mins and returned to the cabin and began writing. I did spot Johnny and can now hear they are now. After lunch of sandwichs we put Jay Miller's soup on to thaw and warm. We then took a hike to the east only to find that we cant cross the water to the other ridgeso back to camp to get the raft that was left here. Plans changed and Johnny decided we "needed" to go across to the point. Fucka Bunch Of That! I'll stay here! So off the boys went while I watched...they have more guts than I do for sure!. They made it to the point and then over to the rock slide and up the mtn they went. No sooner did they get to the top of one of the lil hills did we hear then see a float plane... could it be our lamp?! Nope! Fish & Feathers, see Jason they are everywhere! He was a very nice man, Alan who said he would try and stop by Kodiak Kamps and get a lamp out to us if he had to fly back our way. No sooner did he take off did the rain and fog roll in and Im talkin fast! The boys skirted the lake to the edge to our closest point and then tied off the raft and walked back to camp for hot Jay Miller Soup, garlic bread and hot apple cider spiked with rum and then Disaronno. Wind and rained howled for the rest of the night.


Flew over around 0930 it was calm and clear weather. We got to see whales!! Our pilot steve even circled them for us. By far that was the best flight I have ever been on, way better than even he flight into Kodiak. Unpacked and went west along the beach and water front. Jason spotted deer up the ridge with lots of tracks along the beach. 1430 the boys went east returning along the trailf from the beach with stories of fresh bear tracks along the sand. From the saize of the track it should have been around a 7ft bear. We all then went to the beach and returned around 1600 thinking it would be getting dark soon. Well that was incorrect, as we sat and watched the waves I kept wondering why I was getting sleepy...DUH! Both J.D. and I listen to waved to sleep to... Saw a ton of fox tracks along the black sand beach. Returned to the cabin and Johnny made steak and taters.... Would have been better with the ketchup Johnny said we didnt need while we were still in Kodiak. Kodiak Kamps also didnt give us our lamp!! So the boys taught me rummy to the light of a winder led lamp. That was lots of fun winding that thing a million times for a few mins of dim light. Turned in around 2100..


are home and....... Johnny got an Elk!!!!!!!!!
I have lots of pictures and did write a log while we were there. So I will be posting it a bit at a time. Uncle Jason had to fly home last night and it was great having him here but I am sure he will be excited to see his family again!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weather Checker

We hope to be back the 17th here is the nearest weather checker to Afognak..

alt="Click for Kodiak, Alaska Forecast" height=60 width=468>

Friday, October 03, 2008

The count down...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1408 x2


The crew for the day

Paine stuck for the first time of the day....

yep still stuck...

Emily and Martha watchin the efforts...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I know I know......

Okay so I know I haven't been keeping up with this as much as I should be. But things as normal are always moving along. Its becoming breakup season quickly and the horses are shedding like crazy! The snow is beginning to leave and that is pretty much it. Here are the newest pics for us.

Introducing TomTom~~~